Colexifications for "EARTH (SOIL)" and "DIRTY"

Language Family Form for EARTH (SOIL) Gloss for EARTH (SOIL) Form for DIRTY Gloss for DIRTY
Gudjal Pama-Nyungan nani EARTH (SOIL) nani DIRTY
Kuku-Uwan Pama-Nyungan nhanhnyi EARTH (SOIL) nhanhnyi DIRTY
Dhargari Pama-Nyungan yaca EARTH (SOIL) yaca DIRTY
awa Barbacoan pil earth pil dirty
Jamaican Creole (Limonese Creole dialect) Indo-European saɩl earth=ground, soil saɩl dirty, soiled
Maori Austronesian paru earth=ground, soil paru dirty, soiled
Rapa Nui Austronesian ʔoʔone earth=ground, soil ʔoʔone dirty, soiled
Tongan Austronesian ʔuli earth=ground, soil ʔuli dirty, soiled
Hawaiian Austronesian lepo the soil lepo dirty