Colexifications for "LAND" and "PLACE (POSITION)"

Language Family Form for LAND Gloss for LAND Form for PLACE (POSITION) Gloss for PLACE (POSITION)
Mansi Uralic ma earth, land ma place
Nenets Uralic ya earth, land ya place
Selkup Uralic təttɨ earth, land təttɨ place
Macushi Cariban pata earth, land pata place
Seri Seri ʔant earth, land ʔant place
Uncunwee Nubian top earth, land top place
Zhuang-Longzhou Tai-Kadai ti.6 earth, land ti.6 place
Kumyk Turkic ер earth, land ер place
Nogai Turkic ер earth, land ер place
Ket Yeniseian baˀŋ the land baˀŋ the place
Sakha Turkic sir the land sir the place
Gurindji Pama-Nyungan ngurra the land ngurra the place
Zinacantán Tzotzil Mayan balamil the land balamil the place